Friends of Castaic



You can sign-up for the Friends of Castaic Lake events the night of the event at the MAIN RAMP in the National Bass West Tournament Trailer.  We will begin sign-up around 4:30 p.m.  We will blast off when the lifeguard allows us to.  The first weighin will be at 2 a.m.

This year Steve and Delynn Davies will be furnishing ALL of the light sticks for the  event….You pay nothing!!!!  Thank you TEAM DAVIES.  You must wear a glow stick fastened above your waist at all times during the night after dark.

The Castaic Lake Bass Club will be offering a breakfast burritos during the weighins for a small fee.  Looking forward to seeing you all this summer.

The cost for the events are as follows:

Mandatory fee are…..$115 entry fee ($100 get paid back to the anglers), $45 for the FOCL, $10 insurance……There will be an additional $125 in options available which are paid back 100% to the anglers…..All in is $300