Bill Siemantel video taped the Warrior event at Diamond Valley Lake put on by the Lake Elsinore Bass Club and National Bass West.


This video is a tribute to the men/women who have fought for our country who deserve a day of nothing but fun, making good memories catching bass and making new friends

This video is a tribute to the 87 anglers that donated their time, expertise, gas and equipment for a day to give back to the warriors, This video is a tribute to the Lake Elsinore Bass Club and NBW for their continued support for the Warrior Foundation and finally, this video is a tribute to the Warrior Foundation located here in San Diego, California. The Warrior Foundation runs solely by volunteers and donations. 100% of the money received benefits the warriors and their recovery from being injured at war.

Thank you to Bill Siemantel, the king of big bass and the designer of the well known BBZ. I know that Bill worked the night before the event all night at the firestation (yes he is a fireman also), then he drove 2 1/2 hours to get to the lake and then video taped the event, gave away hundreds of dollars worth of baits/shirts and finally made many of the anglers happy with autographs on one of kind baits and personal photos with them. After driving home 2 1/2 hours, he stayed up and edited the video so that we did not have to wait!!! Pretty awesome.

Hope you enjoy the video. It is good all the way to the end.

Bill Siemantel’s Video