San Diego Region


Director: Chip Gilbert (619) 571-6389

Sponsored by FRANK TOYOTA in National City

These events will have a 90% payback,
breakfast in the morning and a barbecue at the weigh-ins.

We will be meeting at the lower gate to get into El Capitan, Otay and San Vicente 1.5 hours prior to the lake opening with hot coffee and danish to start the day off.  Looking forward to a great season!


For the El Capitan The gates into the lake will open approximately 1.5 hours prior to the lake opening .  We will  then going up the hill for sign ups at the cabana up top. At the Otay tournament we will meet just outside the entrance until they open the gates for us.  At San Vicente we will meet down below until they open the booth up for us.

We will launch at first safe light. Hot coffee, danish and juice will be served in the morning and a barbecue will be served after each tournament.