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Diamond Valley Lake Region Tournament Director- Robert & Julie Lutes

Phone- Call/Text       (310) 985-0726


About The DVL Region-

Tournament Director-
Robert & Julie Lutes

Diamond Valley Lake Info-

The Diamond Valley Lake (DVL) Region consists of six tournaments at Diamond Valley Lake. This region has an Angler Of The Year Race and the winners will receive a custom silver belt buckle. Teams that fish five tournaments qualify for the year end 2-day Tournament Of Champions at Lake Havasu in September.


Robert, Julie and co-owner Rick Smith all grew up together in Santa Clarita, CA. Robert & Julie started fishing local bass tournaments in the early 90's and a husband/wife team until they decided to have kids (two daughters). After the kids arrived, Robert and Rick continued to fish many different tournaments over the years. Robert always had a vision of how he would like to run a bass trail. When the opportunity came up, Robert was the first to jump on it. Roberts main vision was always to give back to the anglers. "If you take care of the anglers, they will continue to support our efforts". Since Julie can count without taking her shoes off, she handles the money and the payouts (she is very good at it!).

The DVL region has great staff members with a lot of experience. The staff for the DVL region include Chris Nickerson, Tom Zaan, Steve Jeffries and Kyle Nelson.

In 1998, California Department of Fish and Game Biologist Mike Giusti began cultivating a model, multi-tier fishery. Black bass, perhaps the favorite quarry of Southern California fishermen, were established with broodstock in a rearing pond, built in what is now the lake bottom. With that head start, the first spawn are now as large as three pounds.

Water began pouring into the reservoir in November 1999 and the lake was filled by early 2002. Diamond Valley Lake holds 800,000 acre-feet, or 260 billion gallons of water. By comparison, Lake Havasu, on the Colorado River, holds just 648,000 acre-feet or 201 billion gallons.

2615 Angler Ave

Hemet, CA 92545

Phone: (951) 926-7201

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